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I Power Awarded Biomass Grant by the State of Indiana

Anderson, Ind. - I Power Energy Systems announced the award of one of several grants made by the Indiana Office of Energy & Defense Development (OED) through its Biomass Feasibility Study Program. The grant program provides cost share grants to Indiana’s public, non-profit, and business sectors for the production of feasibility studies investigating the use of biomass for energy. The purpose of the grant program is to develop technically and economically feasible biomass to energy projects. Alternative energy systems make use of non-fossil fuel resources to produce clean, home-grown electricity and thermal energy. In a time of rising energy costs and increased energy supply volatility this program provides the basis for a diversified portfolio of resources to produce energy and have a positive impact on farm operating economics. These studies will also serve as a foundation for applications for federal farm bill funding through the USDA Section 9006 program.

The I Power program addresses the use of animal waste from both swine and dairy operations in the Benton County area to produce the heat and electricity for farm operations using anaerobic digestion and gasification technology. Also addressed in the study will be environmental improvements including nutrient load reduction in soils and odor and ground water issues, reduced use of landfill space, and the reduced use of transportation fuels for wastes. This program utilizes the I Power combined heat and power units that have been developed specifically for bio gas applications. I Power currently has sold units for operation on landfill gas and swine for swine and dairy operations.

The I Power team on this program includes Phase 3 Developments & Investments a company that is focused on development and commercialization of farm-based biomass-to-energy and biobased-products. This team brings together the broad spectrum of experience and technology to complete the study and apply it to the interest of the animal agri-business of Indiana. Terry Pahls the I Power President noted “We consider this a very positive move for I Power and the State of Indiana in terms of product opportunity and environmental impact and we appreciate the OED’s vision and initiative in implementing such a program”.

I Power Energy Systems is a diversified energy-products manufacturer and technology partner of the Flagship Enterprise Center, a City of Anderson, Purdue and Anderson Universities-affiliated business incubator, located at I-69, Exit 22.

Phase 3 Development & Investments is a women and veteran-owned company, focused on development and commercialization of farm-based biomass-to-energy and related products. They provide a full spectrum of business and technical consulting services along with construction and equipment, allowing farm operators to choose the scope that is right for their project.



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