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I Power and US Innovations complete feasibility demonstration of engine operation on pyrolytic generated hydrocarbon gas for energy

Anderson, Ind. - I Power Energy Systems and US Innovation Group announced the
successful demonstration and operation of a modified internal combustion engine
powered by gaseous hydrocarbons generated from waste material using a pyrolytic
thermal conversion process. The 13 kW engine was adapted from a conventional fourcycle
industrial unit using I Power modifications to the fuel system. US Innovation Group
of Indianapolis designed and built the prototype pyrolytic thermal conversion system
utilizing proprietary technology developed over recent years. The prototype unit is sized
to work with power systems up to 20kW. The prototype system builds upon two prior
proof of concept units designed to adapt to either continuous or batch feed processes
with a wide range of feedstocks and waste materials. For the demonstration, the pyrolytic
thermal conversion system was fed with waste typical of that found in industrial trash and
shredder processing operations.

I Power has an active program that addresses the use of these combined technologies for
a range of both civil and military applications. The ability of the pyrolytic system to utilize
a wide range of feed stocks including sludge from waste water treatment plants, food
waste, animal waste and general industrial and military site waste such as paper, plastics
and wood scraps makes the technology attractive for a variety and sizes of both mobile
and fixed base operations. The high quality gas produced by the pyrolytic system
provides excellent overall efficiency and high power density.

I Power President Terry Pahls noted “We consider this to be ‘game changing
technology’ and an approach to make waste-to-energy a significant player in the
energy market and a solution to power in both civil and military remote locations. We
have been very impressed with the technical strengths of US Innovation Group and
their ability to execute the designs with robust and practical hardware.”

US Innovation Group President Scott Behrens concluded “We have achieved this
milestone because both companies share a vision for the technologies working
together in an integrated fashion and our successful test last Friday was evidence of
our combined efforts and commitment to make this work.”

I Power Energy Systems, LLC is a systems engineering company actively engaged in
the creation and application of technology based products in the energy generation
and management field. With commercial, industrial, educational, and Government
customers spanning the globe, I Power Energy Systems’ goal is to lead the distributed
Power Generation Industry with products that demonstrate world-class efficiency,
quality, durability and emissions control. For additional information, visit the I Power
Energy System website at www.ipoweres.com.

US Innovation Group Inc. is a leader in centrifugal liquid/solid separation technology
and recently formed a division named US Thermal Technologies to develop to further
expand “waste remediation” and “waste to energy” technologies. For additional
information, visit the US Innovation Group website at www.uscetrifuge.com.



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