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Power for The British Open

Anderson, Ind. -The Westin Hotel Turnberry, home to beautiful views, the 2009 British open and now leading edge power and carbon reduction technology. I Power Energy Systems’ technology will be providing the luxury hotel with Prime Supplemental Power, Critical overload backup power and heat, all while reducing the hotels carbon footprint.

Scorpion Power, a joint venture partner with I Power that adapts the cogeneration products for the UK and European markets and distributes them there, is responsible for the four ENI 70 units, which will be private branded “Scorpion Power Therm”, at the Turnberry Hotel location.

This project came about when the Turnberry Hotel wanted to expand their operation but needed to reduce their carbon emissions before doing so. Terry Pahls, President of I Power, states, the I Power units, provided by Scorpion, were the perfect match to Turnberry’s needs. They provided the prime power for running the complex, the backup power to protect against black outs and brown outs, and the heat for all the water used for laundry, pools and rooms. The units also reduced the hotel’s carbon footprint, enabling Turnberry to go ahead with their expansion plans.

I Power will participate in the commissioning of the units at the Turnberry site. We are very excited about this project, stated Mike Hudson, I Power CEO. A project of this caliber at such a prestigious site with a global stature once again validates the I Power Energy units acclaimed reputation for prime power, backup power, and heat generation. It also showcases I Power’s prowess in green energy technology.

The success of this project will really go a long way in showing what I Power is doing to provide power and heat, reduce costs, and help with worlds green energy efforts.



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