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I Power Achieves UL and CSA Certifications

Anderson, Ind. - I Power Energy Systems announces that their ENI 85 prime power
generator has been certified as compliant with UL 2200 United States Certification for its
stationary engine generators and the CSA C22.2 Canadian certification for the company’s
motors and generators. The trusted Underwriters Label brand has certified consumer and
commercial products for more than 110 years and is synonymous with safety. The new
certifications will apply to I Power distributed Energy NowTM power electrical generators and
combined heat and power (CHP) units which incorporate heated water capabilities to
maximize energy conversion.

“Underwriters Laboratories’ and CSA certifications add a significant consumer
confidence label to our highly efficient and environmentally friendly, full-time distributed
power units,” stated I Power’s President and COO Terry Pahls. “We are confident that the
US and Canadian demand for reliable clean electricity will continue to grow with the global
markets which are increasingly recognizing the value of independently-produced, on-site,
full-time generated energy. In today’s world, product confidence at all commercial and
consumer levels is essential,” noted Pahls.

I Power’s EnergyNowTM generator sets convert relatively inexpensive natural and biogas
to competitively-priced electricity on a full-time or standby basis for apartment buildings,
motels, retirement facilities or other commercial or industrial, hospital and homeland security
related facilities.

Unlike traditional diesel standby power generators, I Power systems are designed to
efficiently produce electricity without polluting the environment and are equipped with a
proprietary controller that allows the system to automatically interface with the utility
company supply lines and switch on during peak power usage periods, or run continuously
to provide clean, low-cost electricity, totally independent of the unpredictable delivery systems in the traditional network. Integrated engine heat exchangers increase efficiency levels to approximately 85%, as the unit also heats water for shower, laundry or other
facility needs.


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